PreCOP26 Negotiators training

A workshop comprising of three virtual session was conducted with the aim of increasing the understanding and knowledge of East African negotiators’ capacity to effectively engage in the international climate change negotiations relating to Article 6.

The workshop, which has become a recurrent Alliance activity, was aimed at strengthening the skills of EAA member countries’ negotiators to effectively contribute to the discussions at COP 26 and during AGN meetings while at the same time remaining grounded in their common regional position and national priorities.

It involved an update on the current status of UNFCCC negotiations, deep diving on the crunch issues to simulate the preparation of a technical briefing paper on key issues in Article 6 negotiations and strengthening of the regional positions ahead of COP 26.

This was organised by the Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance with support from GIZ Global Carbon Markets Programme on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Environment, the and the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centre in Kampala.

Video available here