African countries are preparing for Article 6 negotiations in 2021

African countries are committed to continue the engagement and dialogue on crunch issues of Article 6, despite of the delayed inter-sessional (52nd Subsidiary Bodies Meeting) and COP26 negotiations in 2021 caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. The Eastern and West African Alliances on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance organized an event titled Consultations on Article 6 where African countries discussed key issues of Article 6 from an African perspective.

The presenters such as El Hadji Mbaye Diagne – Lead Negotiator of the AGN, Mandy Rambharos (South Africa) as well as Sandra Greiner (the Gambia) and Perumal Arumugam (UNFCCC) reflected upon COP25 and unpacked some key issues of Article 6 on Share of Proceeds, Corresponding Adjustments, OMGE and many others.

The participants from different African countries, including countries from the Eastern African Region, shared their views and concerns on Article 6 and agreed that the delayed negotiations of Article 6 present an opportunity for the continent to thoroughly prepare and coordinate the stance of the African continent on Article 6.The event was also organized with support from the GIZ Global Carbon Markets Project Uganda/East Africa as well as the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centers of Kampala and Lomé.