The KliK Foundation

The KliK Foundation is preparing to widen the scope of its emission reduction procurement to inter­na­tional activ­ities starting in 2021.

The draft proposal for the Swiss CO₂ Act stipu­lates the following: on behalf of motor fuel importers, the KliK Foundation is to procure inter­na­tional emission reduc­tions in order to offset part of carbon emissions gener­ated by the use of motor fuels in Switzerland. This should amount to 54 million tonnes of CO₂e for the period 2021–2030.

Binding rules for the recog­nition of inter­na­tional emission reduc­tions under the Swiss CO₂ Act will only become clear in 2021. Until this point, the KliK Foundation will build its portfolio of inter­na­tional activ­ities on a provi­sional basis, only later entering financial commit­ments.

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