Membership and Geographical Scope

The Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance is open to all countries in the wider Eastern Africa Region. Interested countries are encouraged to contact the Secretariat of the Alliance to inquire more information on the application process. Private sector organizations cannot be members of the Alliance. The private sector is however served by the Alliance through different activities and capacity building events on carbon markets and climate finance.

The Alliance National Focal Points

Prudence Bizimana

Alliance NFP Burundi

Mr. Prudence Bizimana, is a Climate Change Negotiator and an Environmental Lawyer at IGEBU.
He is further Advisor of the National Focal Point for UNFCCC and Director General of the Geographic Institute of Burundi (IGEBU)

Tirhas Mebrahtu

Alliance NFP Ethiopia

Director for Resource Mobilization, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate. Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission.She is also the Designated National Authority for Adaptation Fund & Clean Development Mechanism.

Irene Chekwoti

Alliance NFP Uganda

Ms. Irene Chekwoti is the Senior Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda. Ms. Chekwoti’s work is mainly focused on topics related to climate change mitigation.

Herman Hakuzimana

Alliance NFP Rwanda

Mr. Herman Hakuzimana is the Director of Climate Change and International Obligations Unit within the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

Nagla Mahgoub Hamadain J.

Alliance NFP Sudan

Nagla Mahgoub is Director of Forests Information and Management. A Global DNA forum member and Co- chair for Africa 2018-2019

Anne N. Omambia

Alliance NFP Kenya

Dr. Anne N. Omambia is Chief Compliance Officer and Climate Change Coordinator at the National Environment Management Authority in Kenya.


What our focal points think of the Alliance
On why the Alliance is important to her, Ms. Chekwoti said that:

“The Alliance will nurture active and coordinated participation of delegates from the Eastern Africa region in UNFCCC negotiations and enhance the long-term vision of Eastern African countries on carbon markets and climate finance”. She further elaborated on her expectation of the Alliance within the Ugandan context where she sees the Alliance as an important formation which will “facilitated the realization of Uganda’s NDC target as well as enable the country to increase its ambition.”

Irene Chekwoti

Alliance National Focal Point Uganda

In her view, the Alliance is an important platform since:

“Ethiopia like other Eastern African countries have not benefited much in terms of Carbon Markets and Climate Finance Climate. The Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance is an opportunity for better cooperation between Eastern African countries to leverage each other’s strengths and influence the flow of climate finance for the implementation of NDCs.

Tirhas Mebrahtu

Alliance National Focal Point Ethiopia

``Dr. Anne Nyatichi Omambia highlighted that “the Alliance is valuable since it can strengthen peer to peer learning on various aspects of climate change in Eastern Africa, such as on carbon markets, UNFCCC negotiations, cross cutting matters with other multilateral environmental agreements, inter alia. In her view the Alliance can further “serve as a platform for resource mobilization and joint action to implement individual Nationally Determined Contributions and other shared actions.”

Anne Nyatichi Omambia, Ph.D

Alliance National Focal Point Kenya

Mr. Bizimana expectation is that:
“The Alliance enhances sub-regional cooperation to foster the use of carbon market approaches and increase the flow of climate finance for NDC implementation in the region. It should further support the readiness of countries for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.”

Prudence Bizimana

Alliance National Focal Point Burundi

I think the Alliance to give the opportunity and allow to work of the carbon market and to push the national efforts to the more focus the projects on climate change projects and different activities.

Nagla Mahgoub

Alliance National Focal Point Sudan

Alliance Coordinator

Ms. Bianca Gichangi

What the regional coordinator Bianca Gichangi thinks about the Alliance
``Regional Cooperation between Eastern African countries is crucial for sharing experiences and enhancing the region’s readiness on the next generation of carbon mechanisms under the Paris Agreement.``